Economical, efficient, compact and cost effective waste-water treatment plant

Waste-water effluents from different type of manufacturing process can be treated by our custom design waste water treatment system. By incorporating physical separation, chemical process or biological process, all type of solids and hazardous waste in various industrial discharge can treated to comply with Malaysia Department of Environment requirement.

Industrial waste-water treated

The industrial waste-water from PCB, Metal finishing, Latex/Rubber, Laundry, Printing, Slaughter House/Food Processing, Paint Manufacturer, Textile Manufacturing, Semiconductor Manufacturer, Automobile/Metal Fabrication, Paper/Pulp, Chemicals are examples of the various industries which we have the expertise to treat the waste-water.We comply with relevant Department of Environment regulation and advise all interested parties of our policy. Environment-friendly technology is incorporated into our systems and products. We advocate the application of the principles of reducing, reusing and recycling into waste minimization, energy conservation and pollution prevention.

Effluent Treatment System

To meet the stringent regulations for the discharge of effluent, we offer not only waste-water treatment plant but also packaged waste-water treatment system. Each industry has different waste-water characteristics requiring individualized treatment techniques. Our total approach begins from the very first call from our customers. Sample may be taken, laboratory or pilot tests carried out and the most economical and effective design developed.The system design ensure efficient removal and control of suspended solids, dissolved solids, biological and chemical oxygen demand, organics, heavy metals, gases, color, oil and grease, pH, temperature and bacteria.

Efficient, Compact, Integrated And Cost Effective

We will offer integrated, cost effective and efficient solution by utilizing innovative technology. By incorporating biological, physical and chemical processes as well as taken customer constraint we will develop effective treatment of our customer waste-water.

Our total approach begins from the very first.

  1. Full range of conventional chemical/ physical waste-water treatment plant for removal of heavy metal, organic and inorganic foulants from waste stream.
  2. Oil/ Grease separation and biological waste water treatment plant for BOD, COD & Oil/ Grease removal.
  3. Anaerobic waste-water treatment.
  4. Industrial air pollution control.

Recycling of industrial waste-water with UF, Dynasand and RO as post treatment for chemical physical and biological treatment.